Dog Friendly Charlotte

Here’s your warning: I may be a bit biased in this post. hehe

Charlotte is a pretty dog friendly town. Here’s an idea and perhaps something you’ve not thought about doing with your dog:

Have his photo taken by me!

If you didn’t know already, I have a 2nd business called BARKography. I love photographing dogs and September, October and November are typically perfect weather-wise for having photos taken.

Here are a few sample photos from a recent session. These two are Fleur and Muffin. This parents drove all the way from Raleigh to have me photograph their dogs and we met up in South End.

I love photographing on the painted carpets on the rail trail.

Both of the dogs were on leash the entire time.

Once the photo shoot is over, I spend a lot of time editing the photos and part of that process is editing the leash out.

Here’s an example where I edited out the leash and the foot and leg of the person holding the leash:

If you’d like more information, you can find details at or feel free to reach out via text or email.

We’d have a blast and you’d have photos of your dog you would cherish forever. There are lots of dog friendly areas in Charlotte to have the photo shoot too!

Where Can I Take my Dog in Charlotte?

Where Can I Take my Dog in Charlotte?

Do you like to do things with your dog? Here is a list of places you can take your dog in Charlotte.

Dog Walking at Sharon Towers

Dog Walking at Sharon Towers

As a dog walker in Charlotte, I typically walk dogs while their dog mom and dog dad are at work. Occasionally though I am presented with a different dog walking need.

This is Lulu. She is famous where she lives. I mean EVERYONE knows who she is.

This Dog Walker's Dog Bed Recommendation

This Dog Walker's Dog Bed Recommendation

Many of you know that I have labs. Labs are prone to hip problems and arthritis as they age. As a dog walker and pet sitter, I am in a lot of people’s homes and I see a lot of different types of dog beds.

I’d been looking for a dog bed that would help support my dogs when they sleep and I found one!