the dog walker on Monday March 3rd

Hero- He lingered outside a little longer than usual today.  Perhaps he knows the weather isn't supposed to be very nice tomorrow and he thought he'd better spend the time outside today.  :) Brady & Ferguson - the boys weren't all that interested in walking the circle today.  They both wanted to sit down and scratch a lot.  After they both peed and pooped we went into the house so Brady could eat his breakfast.  He ate a little bit but not a lot.  They were both pretty laid back today... no chasing each other or playing today which was pretty unusual.

Sunny & Louis - they liked playing with Lola and Sunny wanted to go back in the house with her.  I carried him pretty much for the first half of the walk.  He did get down and poop, Louis didn't.

Max - Max had thrown up yellow bile today.  I cleaned it up but there was some on the bottom side of his dog bed.  He was awake when I came in and he got right up and went out to pee.

Cleo -  Cleo was on the couch downstairs.  I guess that should've been my first clue that maybe something was up.  Cleo's tummy was gurgling so loud I could hear it.  Outside she just wanted to eat grass which I didn't want her to do b/c I never know what type of pesticides are on the grass.  She didn't walk very far either.  She did pee and poop outside and her poop was normal.

Frankie - Frankie walked about halfway around the circle and then she was done.  She did pee and poop.