Hank and Lula

Hank and Lula always make me laugh when I walk in the door. They both greet me at the door but then there always seems to be shock (and if I'm being honest, probably disappointment) on their faces when they see it is me and not you coming in the house. To make it up to them, I always immediately go for their food and both Hank and Lula love to eat! Lula did her laps around the island this morning and as I was preparing their breakfast. Hank patiently waited. A few minutes or maybe even seconds after I put their bowls down, Lula wanted to switch bowls so I moved Hank's under the table so he could eat uninterrupted. That seemed to work and both got the clean the bowl award. I scooped their box too but there wasn't much in it. They'd disappeared after breakfast, perhaps to take a nap since they both had full bellies. It was great to see both Hank and Lula again!