Simba and Bernie

Simba Simba and Bernie are both doing great this morning. Simba enjoyed all of his breakfast. He might not enjoyed it as much when I put the eye drops in his left eye but he was good about it. :) Bless his heart. I carried him down to the grass. He peed and while he was peeing he was leaning over and sniffing something. Silly boy - made me laugh. He walked around the yard a little bit and then he pooped.

Simba and Bernie are different in that Simba can't wait to eat in the mornings. When I got to Bernie's house, he rolled over for a belly rub right away with his ball in his mouth. I guess that is the difference between a 17 year old dog and a youngster! Bernie enjoyed his walk. He peed and he pooped. As soon as he pooped he turned and headed back for the house. He wanted to run so we jogged a little bit (I basically tried to keep up with him!) I fed him but he didn't eat right away. He was waiting for a treat so I gave him one and then he got some more belly rubs.