All 3 dogs enjoying vacation! Buddy and Willow hanging out in the yard on vacation in HH.

Don and the dogs on the golf course.

Video of the dogs in Hilton Head Oct 2012

Sam, Buddy & Willow - we took the dogs with us on vacation and here are a few of the pictures I took.  All of us love vacation!  Click the link to watch a video of us trying to get the dogs off the golf course as some golfers are coming through.

I love this dog

Buddy and Willow We found out Monday 8/13 that Buddy our black lab has cancer.  It's a type of skin cancer called mesenchymal neoplasm.   He will have the 2 tumors removed tomorrow.  I hate this for him but the prognosis is good for him once the tumors are removed.  We love you little guy and we'll be with you every step of the way on your road to recovery.

Happy Anniversary Sam!!

Sam, Willow and Buddy.  Picture taken 4/7/12 on Sams 12th anniversary as a Hollis dog. 12 years ago today, I picked up Sam from the Humane Society of Charlotte and brought him to my house.  I will never forget introducing him to Sloan and watching the 2 of them chase each other around my backyard.  Actually Sam chased Sloan.... Sloan was always the chase-ee, Sam was the chaser.  I have pictures from that day that I wish I could figure out how to scan.  Sam's face was all yellow.  Now it's all white and distinguished.  We love you Sam I Am, our 14 year old guy.