our Sam I Am

our sweet boy Sam It was a year ago today that we said goodbye to Sam.  I can't believe that much time has passed already.  He would've loved going for a walk on a day like today.  I can see his tail swinging back and forth and he trots down the sidewalk with his leash in his mouth.  We love you and miss you Sam Sam.

our Sam I Am

Not a great picture but this is what I would drive up and see.  Sam.  11.10.1998 - 4.9.2013 On a bright, sunny, spring day, we said goodbye to our Sam.  It seemed fitting because Sam loved being outside.  Both Don and I know that it was the right decision but it is so hard.  I miss seeing his sweet, white face at the front door when I drive up.  He was always the happiest, laid back dog.  I miss that too.  And touching his velvet soft ears.  We love you Sam.  You will be in our hearts forever.  There are 2 dogs in heaven now that I love and miss dearly.

11/10/1998 - 4/9/2013

If pets could talk

If dogs and cats could talk, this is what I imagine they'd tell me they are thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday: Chester - belly rubs

Bailey - tennis balls

Sparky - breakfast... and dinner.. and the outdoors

Sweetie - long walks

Lucky - chasing sticks in the yard

Rocky - sniffing around in the yard

Maddie & Cotton - when the pet sitter comes and feeds us

Turkey Lurkey - her cat door

and my crew:

Willow - long walks with her dad and stuffed toys

Sam - going for walks and having a storm door to look out

Buddy - I think Buddy is most thankful for me and that is the best feeling in the world :)


Sam on vacation in Hilton Head Oct 2012 Sam is 15 today.  I can't believe it and other than the scare we had several weeks ago, he is doing just great.  He is LOVING his daily walks and he still GOBBLES down his breakfast and dinner.  Life is good for Sam Sam!

PS  Birthday party with Frosty Paws later today :)


All 3 dogs enjoying vacation! Buddy and Willow hanging out in the yard on vacation in HH.

Don and the dogs on the golf course.

Video of the dogs in Hilton Head Oct 2012

Sam, Buddy & Willow - we took the dogs with us on vacation and here are a few of the pictures I took.  All of us love vacation!  Click the link to watch a video of us trying to get the dogs off the golf course as some golfers are coming through.