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Dog Friendly Charlotte

Here’s your warning: I may be a bit biased in this post. hehe

Charlotte is a pretty dog friendly town. Here’s an idea and perhaps something you’ve not thought about doing with your dog:

Have his photo taken by me!

If you didn’t know already, I have a 2nd business called BARKography. I love photographing dogs and September, October and November are typically perfect weather-wise for having photos taken.

Here are a few sample photos from a recent session. These two are Fleur and Muffin. This parents drove all the way from Raleigh to have me photograph their dogs and we met up in South End.

I love photographing on the painted carpets on the rail trail.

Both of the dogs were on leash the entire time.

Once the photo shoot is over, I spend a lot of time editing the photos and part of that process is editing the leash out.

Here’s an example where I edited out the leash and the foot and leg of the person holding the leash:

If you’d like more information, you can find details at or feel free to reach out via text or email.

We’d have a blast and you’d have photos of your dog you would cherish forever. There are lots of dog friendly areas in Charlotte to have the photo shoot too!

Dog Walking at Sharon Towers

Dog Walking at Sharon Towers

As a dog walker in Charlotte, I typically walk dogs while their dog mom and dog dad are at work. Occasionally though I am presented with a different dog walking need.

This is Lulu. She is famous where she lives. I mean EVERYONE knows who she is.