Dog running with Mojo

With this tongue, you can see why there is a theme developing... read below. Ok..... there is a theme developing with Mojo this time around with my visits.  Now, considering that I am a pet sitter, I deal with some gross things occasionally so my meter for judging how gross something is, is probably skewed at this point.  Hopefully this isn't TMI.

Yesterday it was Mojo and my towel covered with his spit.  Today it was my leg.  We'd been running along and a couple of times Mojo shook his head and the spit would fly.  At one point I looked down and there was foamy spit on the front of my leg.  Nice.  Of course I didn't have anything to wipe it off with so I just left it there.  Part of me was a little grossed out but then I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and thought, it could be a lot worse than spit :)

I'm not necessarily a fan of electric fencing and this is one of the reasons why.  We were running along the sidewalk and all of the sudden we're being charged by a golden retriever who is barking.  Now granted I'm glad they had an electric fence because the dog stopped but if they'd had a real fence it would've saved me about 5 seconds of thinking..."crap, what do I do now."  That was the edited from my real thoughts :)

Each time now when we get back to the house and I take his gentle lead collar off of him, I just rub on his nose right under his eyes where the collar has been.  I think he likes it... a lot!!  He is doing really well.