Dog running with Spot

I loved being greeted by Spot's barking this morning.  I think he was saying, "I'm glad to see you because I know this means I'm going for a run this morning!  Yes!!"  It was humid out but the breeze this morning is incredible.  Reminded me of the beach which is always a good thing! I was smart enough to remember to wear my older running shoes vs the new ones I just bought a week ago.  With the rain we had last night, that was a good decision.

This morning's run was really nice.  I love running early in the morning and Spot is so easy to run with too!  We saw a couple of squirrels, 2 dogs that were jealous of Spot because they were really barking at us, and a couple of people out walking.  Spot trotted right along with me the entire run!

I was not smart enough to remember that I had my camera with me.  I meant to take a new picture of Spot.  Shoot!