Mojo and the dog walker

Mojo and I had a really good visit.  He didn't hear me come in, I had to call for him.  I'd shut the baby gate and I let him in the house.  It was 90 degrees this afternoon so I thought he'd enjoy a few minutes in the house.  He waited until I gave him permission to come in the house... he was a really good boy. He'd not eaten much of his breakfast if any at all.  I don't remember him every having food left in his bowl.

I hooked his leash on him and we went for a short, leisurely walk.  I let him back in the house and he sprawled out on the wood floor.  He seems to be feeling just fine and he enjoyed the walk.  I'm not sure why he didn't eat.  I'll see what he's like in the morning and judge the run vs walk then but it's not supposed to be humid (thank goodness!!)  Again, he seems to be feeling totally fine.

His coat / haircut looks great!  He's very handsome.