Dog walking with Cleo

Cleo didn't seem very interested in walking today.  She really didn't even want to cross the street.  She did pee twice and poop while we were out but I felt like my best option for getting her to move was to pick her up!  I really didn't think that was a viable option. I left you a vm so we can talk about what I should do when she doesn't want to walk.  I tried tugging on her leash a few times and at one point she was trotting along beside me but it didn't last very long.  She put the breaks on as if to say "I'm not going any further."   Suggestions would be appreciated :)

We still stayed outside for about 30 minutes but she was content to just lay down or sniff.  She does seem to enjoy being outside and she acted very happy to see me today when I came in and called her name.