Dog walking with Hadley

He really does like going for walks.  He was really good when we got on the trail.  I figured he'd pull but he didn't.  Occasionally he'd get distracted and would stop or pull if he wanted to sniff something but otherwise he trotted along right beside me.  Getting the leash on him was a little challenging b/c he was so excited but he was fine. The problem was leaving Ollie at home.  He cried and cried.  He was actually howling when we came back.

So, I'm not sure what the best solution is for me to walk them.  I am certainly open to suggestions.  I guess I'm curious how you walk all 3 of them together?  Daisy and Ollie in one had and Hadley in the other?  Walking them in 2 groups didn't seem to work out too well for the boys.