Dog Walking with Sam & Buddy and another lesson learned

Lesson #7 learned by this pet sitter:  spiders are very busy at night Sam and Buddy usually get walked pretty early in the morning, a lot of times when the sun is just rising.  It is my favorite time of day:  walking with the dogs, the sunrise and not a lot of traffic.  There just aren't a lot of people out at all except for a few neighbors of mine who also walk their dog and the occasional cyclist.

What I have learned from these early morning walks is that spiders are very busy overnight.  I frequently walk through spider webs and end up spending the next few minutes trying to brush them off of me.  When Don and I first moved back to Charlotte, we lived in an apartment complex with walking trails.  I could always tell if we were the first ones to walk in the morning.  One morning I had my glasses on and I ended up with the spider web on the lense of my glasses.  It had perfectly covered the lense, I was amazed.

Now when this happens, I don't let myself think about where the spider is.  Surely if the spider was on the web, I'd see him and not walk through it, right?  Surely the spider doesn't end up on me, only his web does, right?  That's what I'm telling myself anyway.