Maggie and the dog walker

Success!!!  I went in today and I totally ignored Maggie (which was very hard to do!)  I talked to Sandra for 5 minutes.  I had gotten Maggie's leash out when I first got there but still ignored her.  When I finally walked over to her crate, she didn't piddle at all!!  I was so excited but I didn't show it... I didn't want her to piddle then. We went for a nice walk.  It was hot so we took it slow.  She was hilarious at first.  There was a long limb in the street.  It was longer than she is and had several branches all of which were really thin so it wasn't heavy at all but it was awkward.  She picked it up and trotted with it for about 25 yards.  I was laughing and wished I would've had my camera!!

She pooped again and I think based upon the evidence she has eaten something she shouldn't have.  Fortunately, she got rid of it.  I'm guessing maybe a kleenex or some string.... something kind of long.   Anyway, enough TMI!!

She piddled just a little bit as I was putting her back in her crate.