Sib, Huski and the dog walker

Bless Huskis heart, she gets around pretty well for an elderly lady!! Sib was really talking to me this morning.  I think he was hungry and ready to go for a walk!!

They were funny this morning.  I came earlier than I'd planned.  It was so humid when I walked my dogs this morning around 6:45, I thought I'd better get Sib and Huski walked a little earlier too.  When I walked in, Sib started barking immediately.  Huski would chime in occasionally and then I noticed they didn't have any food.  At first I thought, oh no the feeders aren't working but then I thought to look and see what time the food comes out.  Well, I had a note that it's 8am.  I looked at my watch and it was 7:56am.  So, I thought I can let Sib bark at me for the next 4 minutes or we can go ahead and go for the walk.  Sib loved going for the walk and I think he forgot about his breakfast (for a few minutes anyway.)  As soon as they got back from their walk, the food was there and they were ready to eat.  Huski laid down in front of her bowl and ate and Sib would eat a little bit, get some water, eat a little bit more, get more water, and so on.  I gave Huski her pills and told them goodbye.