Sib, Huski and the dog walker

Huski greeted me this morning when I opened the door.  She was really talking to me and then Sib chimed in too.  I think they were saying, "We're so happy to see you.  Let's go for a walk.  Let's got for a walk now.  Come on, let's go!!!"  They had a lot to say!  Sib was dancing this morning.  He was actually all the way up on his 2 back legs at one point.  I was surprised :) We had a nice walk albeit short.  Huski stumbled a little bit and anytime she does anything I think that is my sign to turn them around and head back.  She was just fine, just typical old leg stuff.  They both pooped too.  It is cloudy today and it was sprinkling on the walk so maybe it won't be quite so hot.  They've been drinking the water in the 2nd bowl that I put out.. there wasn't much left in it so I dumped that and refilled it.  The waterer is working just fine too.

They both seemed to be feeling really good this morning.  I gave them a few treats before I left.  (and I gave Huski her pills.)