Dog walking in the rain with Opus and Lesson #9

A month or so ago it rained and I realized that my water resistant raincoat was no longer water resistant.  It is old so I figured it was time to replace it.  Lesson Learned:  I should not have procrastinated, I should've bought a new raincoat. It poured in south Charlotte around 7pm on Saturday night.  I was out dog walking.  I had on the aforementioned raincoat and I got drenched.  So, yesterday I went to REI and bought a new raincoat.  Given the chance of rain we've had for the past couple of days and all of the rain they're getting south of us, you'd think that I would make certain I have my new raincoat with me.  No, not so much.  This morning while walking Opus, I had to grab my Carolina Panthers windbreaker which was in the car (thank goodness) and an umbrella.  Not so easy to walk a dog and hold an umbrella.  Another lesson learned!