Dog walking with Grace

oh..... Grace.  There is just something about her that gets to me :) When I walked in, Grace met me at the door.  I'm sure she thought it was you because she turned around when she saw me :)  I immediately grabbed her leash (since she was up) and we went for our walk.  She pooped right away outside and she peed too.  She got scared a couple of times when we saw some people (one group with a baby stroller.....very scary) but she did really well.

She was funny coming back in.  I forgot that you come in by the mailboxes but Grace didn't forget.  She stopped by the door so then I remembered.  I looked at her and said "ok, you lead the way b/c I'm going to get lost."  Needless to say, we didn't get lost.  She knew exactly where to go!