Sam, Riley, Max and the pet sitter

Funny.... Sam and Riley didn't hear me this morning or if they did, the didn't bark.  They heard me tonight.  They were very good watch dogs! It was raining pretty hard most of the visit.  I let them outside and they both ran out and peed.  They came in and Sam ate but Riley didn't seem to want to.  I grabbed the bowl, sat down on the steps, put the bowl on the 1st step beside and Riley ate.  I'm not sure what was up with that but I knew if I didn't do something Sam would eat it.

We went back outside and they both just stayed under the new roof so we went back in the house.  They went into the bathroom and both drank quite a bit of water so I thought we should go out again.  I just sat down on the couch and finally Sam and Riley both peed again and Sam went out and pooped.  He acted like he did not want to go out into the rain.  He's a lab, right??  (My black lab is the same way - Buddy doesn't really like the rain.  Sam on the other hand loves it and it tries to walk through every puddle he can find!)

Max was doing just fine too.  Oh, I just remembered.... I forgot to leave the envelope.  Let's see if I remember tomorrow morning.