dog walking (in the yard) with Peyton, Eli and Chaos

Everyone is doing just fine.  I took them all out in the yard and everyone peed and Peyton pooped too.  Somebody (or it could be plural) peed on the kitchen floor before I even got them outside... I'm guessing it was Eli b/c Peyton peed for quite a while when we went outside.  Chaos pooped outside too although I am not sure about peeing.... perhaps 2 peed inside.  I had a problem getting in the front door so I am sure they were excited by the time I got inside.  Bottom line though, they are all fine.  Eli gave me several kisses (which was very nice) and I got a chance to give all of them a couple of "rubs."  I did not have my camera with me but I will have it next time so check back for some pix :)