Dog walking on Thurs 11/19

Just a light drizzle this morning that is supposed to burn off.  Yeah! Maggie - Maggie (i.e. the energizer bunny) enjoyed her walk this morning.  All of the recycle bins were out so she tried getting near them to sniff.  I only let her get so close!  As we walked by my house, Buddy's little head was looking out the window at us.... I wonder what he was thinking?

Brady & Fergi- they had visitors and were really happy about it!

Max - Max relented and went outside.  He peed of course once he was out there but again, acted like he wouldve preferred to stay in the house.

Cleo - We walked past the park again today.  Although I felt like we might become an episode of The Birds.  There were tons of birds in a couple of the trees, all making noise.  One of your neighbors commented that we needed to be careful and she wasnt letting her kids out until they were gone!

Betty & Suzy - The girls growled and barked at a lab that walked by us today but then they got to see one of your neighbors who really likes Suzy.

Dusty - Dusty was ready to go for his walk and of course, he was ready for dinner too!