Dog walking with Puddin

Puddin is as cute as they come! 2nd & 3rd visits:  She is still doing good.  We went for a long walk on our 2nd visit and she got to say hi to a couple of other neighbors.  I let her play inside for a little while too and then I took her outside right before I left.  It was pretty dark when I was there for the 3rd visit so we didn't walk too far.  She did have diarrhea on the 3rd visit and quite a bit of it.  She has pooped on each of my visits today but the other times it has been normal.  She is acting totally fine.  Still playing like crazy and she wanted to eat on my last visit.  I did give her a little bit of food but not her normal amount just in case her tummy was still upset.  Again, she seems just fine.

1st visit:  Puddin is doing just fine.  She looked at me kind of funny when I came in like..... "you are not who I was expecting!!"  I grabbed her leash and we went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Gus came over to greet her... actually he zoomed by us and ran into your yard and sniffed around which drove Puddin crazy b/c she wanted to say hello to him.  He did finally come over and we spoke to your neighbors too.

Then we went for our walk.  An older couple was out walking and they stopped to say hello to her too.  They thought she was very pretty.  She of course was sitting nicely as they walked up and then lunged as they got close.  I had her fooled... I was ready for her to do that.  The man asked if he could say hello and I said yes but I told him I couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't walk away with some mud on your pants.  He said he didn't care :) but I actually don't think Puddin got him muddy.  See...... she is such a good girl but you knew that already I know.

Our walk was probably 30 minutes.  I had noticed that she hadn't eaten all of her breakfast so I figured we could hang out inside.  Sure enough after we played some, she then ate her breakfast.  I took her out for a quick potty break again before I left.

I am in love!