Monday Nov 9 dog walking and pet sitting

For my Monday - Friday midday clients, I am going to change my "Tail of the Day" format.   I am going to creat one post and mention all of my walks that day.  On the occasion that I take pictures, I will do a separate entry... I think, we shall see but I will still take and post pictures.  I love that part! Brady & Ferguson:  The boys were doing just fine.  They both peed and pooped and then they were content to watch the guys that were working right across from the house.  They both just sat down and stared at them and of course, Brady barked a few times.

Max:  Max was sleeping so cute on his pillow when I walked in today.  So cute, he didn't hear me at all :)  When we went outside, he peed.

Cleo:  Cleo was content to pee and that was about it.  She sat down for awhile and just watched what was going on... not a lot in my opinion but she seemed pretty conent!

Betty & Suzy:  The girls were just great on our first walk today.  It was pretty quiet in the neighborhood:  a couple of cars and a barking dog and that was about it.

Reagan:  Reagan was right by the door when I walked in today.  Luckily she moved when I opened the door, otherwise I might've bumped into her.  We walked and she peed and pooped.

Dusty:  Dusty greeted me when I came in and I took him outside and he peed several times.