Tues 11/10 dog walking in Hurricane Ida

Well.... of all of my dog walks today, I think Betty is the only one who really likes the rain.  Lucy (see post below) being a yellow lab didn't mind it but Betty liked it!  She wanted to walk through the puddles and there were a lot of them and some of them were deep.  So here were today's events: Brady & Fergi- they walked out and peed and then I brought them back into the garage for play time.  Since they are white AND they were just groomed, I thought play time in the garage sounded like a good idea.  Otherwise, they were going to need to go and see Diego again!

Max- now I don't think Max likes the rain at all.  When he realized it was wet out, he stopped and if I would've let him, he proabably would've gone back in the house.  He did go out and pee but then he was ready to come back in.

Betty & Suzy- Betty has to be part lab or some type of water dog... seriously she wanted to walk through the puddles.  Suzy didn't seem to mind the rain at first but when we hit the last part of the walk, she was moving pretty fast to get back into the house.

Betty and Suzy are sweet girls!!

Cleo- Cleo fooled me today.  I thought because it was cooler, she'd be ready for a walk.  I opened the door and she stopped.  I think she would've gone back in the house too but she did go outside and pee.  Then, she was ready to come back in!

One of the smartest things I bought last year before even starting See Spot Run:

Yep, I wore these today.... my feet stayed totally dry.  I need to work on the rest of the outfit... I might have been dry but Im sure I was a fashion dont!!