Cat Sitting on Thurs 12/10

Eenie is enjoying her breakfast this morning. Brutus is mesmorized by the toy!

Maxine and Amos are watching Brutus play.

Annabelle cant decide if she wants to go in the kitchen and eat some more or come and play with us!

They are all still doing just great and Annabelle was in the house when I left.  She meowed at me once so I walked towards the door to see if she wanted to go out.  I stood there for a minute and talked to her but she didn't come to the door.  I think she was just saying hi to me.

Guess who played today with the string with the feather on the end?  Amos, Annabelle, Maxine and of course Brutus :)  Amos actually came over to play and when he did both Maxine and Brutus backed away.  It didn't last long though.... and then Brutus played some more.  Annabelle was sitting really close by so I put it in front of her and she took a few swats at it too.

Eenie actually came in to eat while I was in the kitchen so that is progress too.   She must've gone back to sleep after she ate.  I didn't see her again.