Cat Sitting and Dog Walking on Tues 12/8

Maxine is taking a break from playing with me. Brutus loves playing with this toy!

Maxine, Annabelle, Brutus, Amos and Eenie - I got to see everyone this morning.  They all ate (although they didn't finish their breakfast) and I played with Maxine and Brutus.  Brutus really likes to play and Maxine does but then she'll get a little shy with me.

Lucy - I had a great time on this visit.  My friend and dog trainer Yvonne Fehr came along with us on our walk.   She has that same gene that the Dog Whisperer has... she just gets dogs and has tons of tips that help me do my job better.

Brady & Ferguson - the boys both peed and pooped and then they wanted to roll around in the grass.

Max - Max was snoozing on his bed when I came in.  He was out!  and I was completely jealous!

Cleo - Miss Cleo walked today and she got to see 4 different neighbors all of whom said hello to her.  She had a great time!

Betty & Suzy - They both did pretty good today walking at a heel.  I made them walk that way the whole walk....  (see my above note on Lucy.)  I used some of Yvonne's tips from my visit with her.