Dog walking and cat and dog sitting on New Years Eve 2009

Kai & Gracie - I snuck up on them this morning.  I could see inside the curtain in the den and they were laying right beside each other sleeping.  They were sooooo cute!  Needless to say, they heard me and the barking started!  I took them both outside and they peed and pooped.  2nd & 3rd visits - well after tonight's visit, the fabric on the chair has sustained some more damage.   There were pieces of it laying on the carpet.... someone (Kai, I'm guessing) had a busy afternoon / evening. Basil - Basil is missing you.  He was really meowing today.  If I stopped petting him (to clean out his box or feed him), he'd start meowing again.  I pet him and brushed him.  I tried playing with him too but he really just wanted to be loved on!

Ruby - She is so cute.  She had pooped this morning so I cleaned that up and then we went for our walk.  Luckily it wasn't raining :)  She pranced around and checked everything and everyone out and then we went back in the house.  I threw out the food she hadn't eaten and gave her fresh.  2nd visit:  She had pooped again AND she'd eaten all of her breakfast.  We went for a walk and I gave her some more food and a treat because she was a very good girl!!

Max - woke up as I came in and we went outside so he could pee.