Dog walking, cat and dog sitting on Mon 12/7

Maggie - Maggie and I had a nice walk around the neighborhood! Brady & Ferguson - they LOVED meeting the woman who was doing survey work in the neighborhood.  They were just going to sit and stare at her until she said hello.  She did!

Max - Santa came to visit Max early.  I love his new bed and I think he loves it too!

Cleo - Cleo kissed me right on the lips today!  I guess she missed me :)

Betty & Suzy - enjoyed as always their walk around the block.

Let me see if I can get them all without looking it up:  Annabelle, Brutus, Eenie, uh oh... Maxine, shoot and the tuxedo kitty....  Amos.  I had to look him up.  Dang.  They all seemed just fine!  I will take my camera tomorrow and try for some photos.  They were funny today and I wished I would've had my camera with me!

Dusty - Dusty is one happy little guy.  His tail was wagging the whole time we walked and we both know how happy he is at dinner time :)