Dog walking on Fri 12/18 in the snow???

No snow yet.  It did sleet for just a little while this morning but it stopped and I've been lucky so far today.  It hasn't rained while I've been outside walking dogs either! Maggie - She doesn't mind the cold weather.  She is just as curious as ever and enjoys taking it all in.  She got to see Don on our morning walk.  She got all excited and jumped around.

Max - Max went outside for his potty break and then he was happy to go back inside to sleep.

Sam & Buddy - I may have spoken to soon.... I think it is raining now.  Buddy is snoring behind me as I'm typing this.  I'm sure once he walks up, he is going to think it's time for his afternoon walk.

Hanna - no snow but LOTS of rain and guess what I'd figured out.  Hanna doesn't love the rain.  I also can't find her favorite toy.  It was raining so hard we couldn't have played outsdie anyway but I looked for it and didn't see it....