Sunday 12/13 dog walking and dog & cat sitting

Hadley, Ollie & Daisy - Everyone slept well last night.  When I got to the house, I threw the ball a few times for Ollie and Hadley went chasing after it too.  Daisy went outside and took care of her business but she seemed to prefer being inside while the crazy boys played outside in the really cold temperatures.  Ollie stayed in the room with me last night, about 3pm he joined me on the bed and then he was ready to get up just before 6am.  He must've known I'd set the alarm for 6:10... he was just a little early. Grace - We walked again this morning and she really seemed to enjoy herself.  She didn't mind the wet weather at all... I was just glad the temperatures were above freezing!!  She'd eaten all of her food so I refilled her bowl, gave her fresh water and a scoop of yogurt for her dessert!

Sam, Riley & Max - our routine:  open the bedroom door, the dogs go charging towards the back door, Christmas tree needles fall on the floor, I finally catch up to the dogs at the backdoor and let them out.  I quickly fill their bowls with food, give Sam his meds and by this time they're barking at the back door.  I open the door and they race to their food, slipping and sliding on the wood floor.  While they eat, I feed Max and clean out his box.  Max had eaten all of his food too!  They're funny and I'm laughing as I write this!

Eli, Peyton & Chaos - they were all ready to go outside.  Everybody peed and Eli pooped.  They'd eaten all of their food (they'd eaten all of it last night too) so someone (or two or all three of them) is/are hungry.  Peyton is limping.  I'd noticed it on my first visit but it wasn't very pronounced.  It was this morning.... I'm guessing whatever is injured must get stiff overnight.  She seems okay but she is definitely limping and it's her back right leg.  She doesn't want to put any weight on it at times so I'm not really sure if it is her leg or her foot.  Chaos really shivered when she was outside this morning.... it was really cold!