Dog Walking on Wed 1/13/10

Maggie - Maggie and I have something in common.  We both like Chinese food.  She tried to eat a packet of duck sauce today.  She did not want to give it up but she did :)  She tried eating leaves this afternoon.  Crazy girl. Brady & Ferguson - they made 2 workers in the neighborhood laugh today.  They were barking at a paint can.  You could tell there were a little afraid of it.... I must say it was pretty funny.

Max - Max went outside and peed today and he sniffed around a little bit too.

Cleo - Cleo walked to the park and back.  On the way there she rolled on her back in 2 different yards and then she did it again when we got to the park.  She also got to see some kids along the way.

How cute is Diesels face!

Madden is a really big dog but a real sweetie too!!

Diesel & Madden - (as in John Madden!)  You know I like this dog if he's got a name associated with football :)  We went for a nice walk around the complex and Diesel peed on so many things I stopped counting.  (I will usually mention if a dog pees twice, etc...)  Madden peed a few times too but not like Diesel - he had to mark everything.  They were really good and didn't pull or anything.  I fed them when we got back and gave them some more water (Madden drank it all!)

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC