Pet Sitting on New Years Day 2010

Kai and Gracie - They were doing just fine this morning.  I took them outside twice and then I gave them treats before I left.  2nd and 3rd visits:  A little more of the skirt on the blue chair was in shreds tonight.  The good news is they are eating, peeing and pooping well!!  :) Basil - I sat down and immediately starting petting Basil today.  I waited until the very end of my visit to feed him and clean out his box.  He seemed to like that..... he was eating when I left.

Ruby - Ruby loves to go for walks.  She enjoyed herself today and then we came back inside and played.  She'd eaten all of her dinner from last night and she'd peed and pooped too!  2nd visit:  we went for our walk and right when we got back she peed and pooped.  When I first got there, she had shredded the potty pad.

Turkey Lurky - We have the routine down.  She comes from downstairs, wants to be pet a little bit and then will go eat some.  I sit down (with a book typically at the table although today I spied your cookbooks so I looked at a few of them!) and she'll come by to be pet, eat some more and then eventually she lays down.

Hanna - Hanna barked when I came in tonight.  I guess I disturbed her sleeping... she was on the couch nestled in the pillows!