Dog walking on Thurs 2/11

I never would've thought I'd say that sunny and 40 degrees is beautiful weather but today was! Hero - He was ready to walk today.  I think he liked the weather better to but if it were 30 degrees warmer, I'll be he'd be really happy!

Brady & Ferguson - the boys were into eating whatever they could find today.  I pulled a few pieces of mulch out of their mouths.

Louis (as in Vitton) is so so so cute!  I just love him!

Sunny & Louis - Sunny seemed to get cold when we walked into the shade today but Louis seemed just fine.  He runs so fast, I think he keeps himself warmed up.

Max - Max woke up today and on somewhat wobbly legs we went outside.  He did just fine up and down the stairs and he peed (of course!)

Dusty - Dusty wanted to explore some today.  He did quite a bit of sniffing and he took care of all of his business too.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC