Pet Sitting on Thurs 2/4

Hero - Hero walked a long ways today, so long that I lost count how many times he peed! Maggie - Maggie got to play with Don today while he was out raking our yard.  She had fun!

Brady & Fergie - the boys walked around the circle today.  It took some coaxing from me but they did it!

Sunny & Louis - they barked up a storm at the golden retrievers that live nearby.  They both seemed to enjoy their walk today and I put Louis in his crate before I left.

Max - Max was awake when I came in again today too.  I'm guessing that he must hear the alarm beeping.  He went outside and peed.

Dusty - we definitely have our routine down.  Walk around the circle and then Dusty heads straight for the door because he knows it is time to eat!

Jay & Chloe - Jay was waiting at the door when I opened it.  We went outside and I threw the ball for her.  It has been lightly raining for an hour or so.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a very cold and rainy so I figured I'd take advantage of a light rain tonight :)  Chloe was doing just fine.  I gave her a few treats.