Dog walking on Friday 3/5

Sib & Huski - Sib barked at me when I opened the garage today :)  He was being a very good watchdog.  They both were excited for their walk... I didn't see a collar for Huski so I used the leash as a collar.  Is it in the garage somewhere and I missed it?  She has worms... I'm not sure if you know that or not.  Same kind as before.  She was really good to take her pills today. Hero - Hero took me on a different route today.  It always makes me wonder what they're thinking!

Brady & Ferguson - they got to see Benjamin and Frankie today.  Benjamin was really interested in both of them, Frankie just wanted to bark at them.

Sunny & Louis - Sunny was sporting his pink sweater today out on the walk.  He seemed to enjoy all the sunshine and he walked the whole visit today!

Max - Max was awake when I came in although he was fairly groggy.  He did get up and go outside to pee.