Lots of dog walking on Tuesday March 30

I had a ton of dog walks today AND the weather was beautiful!!  I LOVE my job!!! Alex was ready for play time today!!

George is a lover... I think one of his favorite things is being cuddled!

George and Alex - we had 2 great visits today.  I took them for a walk this morning and they both did pretty good.  I turned them around after just a few blocks so I could feed Alex and then get them back outside again before I left.  While Alex ate, George would "sit" for his treats.  When I was getting them ready for their first walk, I had the leash on Alex and I was putting the leash on George, Alex squatted on the rug in front of the front door.  I soaked as much of it as I could with paper towels.  Sorry.  :(  On the 2nd visit, we went for another walk and Alex pooped this time.  George kept turning around and looking towards the house (does his miss you... that's what I'm thinking.)  I picked him up and carried him for a little while.  If I hadn't other dog walks today, I could've stayed at your house and played with them all day.  Alex loved playing and George loved cuddling.  We made time for both of those activities too!

Maggie - Maggie and I had 2 really nice walks today and she got to see a bunch of people in the neighborhood including Keagan the GoldenDoodle!

Lucy - Lucy and I enjoyed a nice long walk.  She was ready to go and I enjoyed stretching my legs!

Brady & Ferguson - they both did great today walking.  We even ran into Benjamin and Frankie and Brady didn't bark at all.  Now granted when we say B&F we turned around and went the other way but I was very pleased!  When we got back close to your house, your neighbor was getting in her car to leave.  We were just about at the end of the sidewalk so I stopped them.  I told them to "sit" and they both did.  They were so cute!  I think your neighbor thought they were cute too!!  I was very proud of them!

Louis & Sunny - we are all loving this weather!  Both of the boys enjoyed their trot around the neighborhood.

Steve - He is really coming out of his shell.  He is still a little timid but he's getting braver everyday.  He's so funny when he gets excited too.  His whole body wiggles!

Max - Max seemed to be feeling pretty good today.  He peed, did some sniffing outside and he hopped right up the stairs to get back into the house.

Cleo - Miss Cleo was about 4 houses down and she stopped to roll on her back and lay in the sunshine at 3 of the houses.  She was just enjoying the sunshine!

Dusty - Dusty thought I smelled good today.... and according to him I probably did.  Other than my dogs, he was my last walk of the day.  His little tail was just a wagging as he was sniffing me.  We walked around the circle and he pooped!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC