Dog walking and Cat sitting on Sunday 4/25

Chester & Bailey - They're both doing just great.  Shannon saw them for the first 2 visits yesterday (hence no post on the blog.  She left you notes at the house.)  When I walked in last night, Chester was on his dog bed.  He looked at me and then he just rolled over on his side so I could rub on him.  It was a quick rub.... I knew Bailey would be ready to get out of her crate.  This morning they both enjoyed their breakfast and then a walk around the park.  Chester pooped but Bailey didn't.  They both needed the ointment in their eyes this morning so I put it in. Sadie - Sadie got to see a couple of cats on the walk this morning and of course, she did lots of sniffing just like she always does.

Jay & Chloe - Every visit is pretty much a repeat of the last:  throw the tennis ball for Jay!  She loves that thing!!  Chloe has been doing good staying of the counters since yesterday.  :)