dog walking on Saturday 4/17

Bubba will chew on his bones, get it nice and sticky and then take it out into the yard and drop it in the dirt!  Every time! Bubba - He's doing just great.  He always has such a happy look on his face... it makes me smile!  I hung out with him for awhile this morning.  I guess you can say your People Magazine is now used.  He chewed on a bone while I caught up on the latest gossip.

Sadie - Sadie and I had a nice long walk this morning.  We got barked at by the neighbor's JRT (small white dog, maybe not a JRT) and a golden retriever with a white face looking out his front window.  Sadie also got to see a few people who were out and about and she acted like she wanted to say hi but we didn't.  She peed too many times to count :) and she pooped too.