the dog walker on Saturday 11/23

a very happy Sunny... Im petting him under his chin! Ollie greeted me with a vertical leap right in my face and a kiss!  Took me by surprise! :)

Fozzy, Ollie and Sunny - when I had my camera out yesterday, Fozzy was laying over in the corner of the yard in some leaves.  The rest of the time, it was too dark!  They are doing well.  Ollie and Sunny have been playing (sometimes really hard and they get rather vocal).  They've all been chasing stuff around the yard too.  Last night I think there must've been some deer in the yard.  They all went running after something and whatever ran away sounded pretty large.

Holly - she is doing well.  We've been taking some slower paced walks and I've given her more soft food to eat... based upon your comments, she was not fond of her dental on Thursday.  :(

Sparky - no updates today b/c I'm not seeing her til tonight.  I might not update the blog everyday through the holiday, just an fyi.