the dog walker on Wed 11/27

I normally update the blog after my breakfast visits but I didn't this morning so I'm updating it at 10pm.  Hence the dogs & cats that I saw later in the day are mentioned.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sparky - she is great.  I've been adding on a few visits b/c the weather has been rainy and cold.  The rain finally stopped around 4pm and so she was out from then til I went tonight.  Today we got to see a lot of deer in the back yard by the creek.

Chloe- she is enjoying her walks.  I'd think with her short fur that she'd act cold but she doesn't.  Seems happy as a clam to be out walking!

Chester & Bailey - Bailey is funny.  She acts all excited to go out into the yard but if she thinks I'm not going out there with her, then she wants to come right back in.  I wanted to go and get your mail but she wanted me to stay outside with her.  So, while the dogs sniffed around the yard, I walked laps around the pool.  It was cold... I was trying to stay warm. :)

Simba - I LOVE his sweater and collar.  He looks all ready for Santa!  I fed him the rice and 3/4 scoop of food for dinner which he loved.  He pooped on our walk at dinner and it was soft but wasn't what I would consider diarrhea.

Butter, Sweet Pea and Lucky - all 3 were happy to see me.  Sweet Pea was buried underneath the blankets in her crate.  Both dogs peed 2x on the walk tonight.

Jay and Chloe - I tossed the ball a few times for Jay.  She was breathing hard (I think b/c it was so cold) but she didn't seem to care about the cold.  She just wanted to chase her ball!  Chloe just wanted me to pet her.

Jasper - I fed him and scooped his box.  I didn't see him though.

Scarlett and Oliver - your nanny had given them dry food and she had scooped the box.  She did have me feed them a can of food.  I fed the fish too.