the pet sitter on Saturday 3/1

Ollie hanging out yesterday in the yard. Sunny resting after a round of WWF with Ollie.

Fozzy, Ollie and Sunny - wow I am completely surprised by the 180 that Ollie does when inside vs outside.  He was crazy playing with Sunny in the yard... to to the point of me yelling at them to stop b/c it was starting to escalate and I didn't like where it was going.  As soon as he got inside, he curled up on the couch and went to sleep.  I hated putting him outside this morning.  I could tell he wanted to stay in.  I put Fozzy out too since she was outside when I got there yesterday.

Harley & Skittles - they are as crazy as ever.  We've played a lot with the light.  They are funny chasing it around!

Wanda - I took her out for her potty break last night and this morning we went for our walk.  I woke your son up this morning (I was trying to be quiet. :) )  Wanda enjoyed her walk and she took care of all of her business.  I fed her and I gave Max more food too.

Scout sniffing around in the yard yesterday afternoon

Scout - He was curled up in the chair when I got there this morning.  He went out to pee and then he had to come inside and bark at me.  Silly guy!