the dog walker on Sunday 4/6

Jay and Chloe - the weather has been just perfect for hanging out in the yard.  Jay has played, sniffed and rolled down the hill on her back.  I keep trying to get video of her doing it but I'm not fast enough.  She is so funny!  Chloe is doing well too. Ginger - yesterday we walked some and we played some in the backyard.  This morning we scared a rabbit that went running in front of us and she would've liked to run after it!

Winston and Cruiser - I had to laugh... they are messy eaters.  There was water and food on the floor near their bowls but by the time they were both done, they'd licked up the floor too (and then I cleaned it up with paper towels.)  Funny dogs!

Flopsy - is enjoying her carrots and celery.