the pet sitter on Sunday 6/15

Gingers smile Ginger -Ginger is loving her walks.  Both dogs I'm walking right now LOVE their walks.  She enjoyed lots of sniffing and I've been letting her out in the backyard too.  Last night she grabbed one of her toys before she went out so we played with it.

Blitten enjoying his breakfast this morning

haha... I caught Hampton licking his lips!!  Looks like hes been enjoying his breakfast too!!

Blitten and Hampton - I cut back a little bit on Blitten's wet food this morning since he'd thrown up yesterday.  If he has eaten it all when I go midday, I'll give the rest to him.  He did eat all of the dry food I gave him last night and I didn't see any accidents this morning.  Hampton did lots of sniffing and peeing on his walk! :)  No surprise there!  I gave him all his meds this morning too.  My dog Buddy is on trilostane too - I'm very familiar with it, shaking it before giving it, etc.