the pet sitter on Thurs 6/26

Lincoln and I hung out in the yard this morning. Lincoln - He seems to be just fine.  He is eating the rice.  He really likes it and gobbles it up every visit.  That makes me feel good but eating just rice isn't going to give him enough nutrients.  The more I've thought about the recommendation that you got for the food with the corn and by products bothers me.  I can't imagine that corn is good for a dog with diarrhea.  I'm not a vet but that just doesn't make sense to me.  I know you mentioned you didn't like the ingredients in the food - just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth.  He did have diarrhea yesterday but this morning, it was soft, not totally diarrhea.

Ursa enjoying the cooler morning temps.

Ursa - She has been getting a lot of love and I'm coming home with her fur! :)  She loves it and that makes me happy!!  My dogs have really been sniffing me too.