Jay, Chloe and the pet sitter doing pet photography

Jay-running-PS 169


This picture of her running is from yesterday morning. It was dark outside so I had to adjust the exposure and brightness quite a bit. What I learned is that taking pictures of a moving target is tough and either my timing is bad or Jay runs with her eyes squinting a lot. :) I am sure it is my timing. This is the best picture of her with her eyes open. I'd love to get one of her with her head up and where you can really see the ball. The other two were taken yesterday afternoon when the sun was out. The picture of her taken on the home screen of the website is an older photo that I took with my phone. She must love that powder... she really gobbles up her food now. Chloe is eating well too and she is getting lots of love.

**I'm not sure why but I have a thing for really up close shots of dogs' faces and noses (I didn't get any of those of Jay) and also their back legs (hence the hind end photo.) Perhaps the back leg thing is: I have labs. As they age, they usually develop arthritis and they lose the stability in their back legs. I love a dog's back legs that look strong and sturdy. It is something I don't take for granted. I think that's why. :)