dog walking and cat sitting on Saturday 10/5

No Name

Harley and No Name - she is so little especially compared to Harley and he isn't huge but she is tee tiny! They were both playful this morning and of course, she was a little piggy too.

Cici, Merlin, Jewel and Kitty - I was able to peer inside and see Jewel curled up on the couch sleeping this morning. She is really sweet. Everyone else is doing just great too.

Ginger - she zoomed all around the yard yesterday jumping on and squeaking on of her toys. She enjoyed her walk this morning too.

Bella - She ate better yesterday. She has been walking around the front yard a little bit so she can do all of her business and then she comes back inside for some lovin' (and a treat!)

Rocky, Lucky and Butter - Butter ate quite a bit overnight (even with the cone on.) She was really talking to me yesterday afternoon. She wanted out of the room but I didn't let her. The dogs are doing just fine too - enjoying their walks and time outside.