the dog walker on Saturday 10/4

CiCi Jewel

pet sitting, southpark, 28210

Cici, Merlin, Jewel and Kitty - I've been hanging out with this crew for a few days. I'd not seen them in awhile and I had not met Jewel before. She is such a good girl and so sweet and so cute! I love the spots on her nose and she LOVES to be outside. The picture of Cici is one I took last time I pet sat which has been awhile back. I think she is so pretty, I saved this photo on my phone. :)

Charlie - Charlie is enjoying meal time and his walks. It was dark when I walked him this morning and there was an owl hooting nearby. I don't think he liked that sound. I stayed close to him even though I wasn't really concerned about an owl having an interest in him. He's a pretty big guy!

Bella - Miss Bella has been very wiggly and excited to see me. She, however isn't eating. She is certainly acting fine and she is drinking her water. I'm thinking maybe she doesn't love the new food??