an update on Moose, our latest rescued dog

pet photography On October 2nd, we added another rescued dog to our family and we're calling him Moose. I have vet records on him that say he is 7. He acts like he is 4 and I am convinced he is part hound dog. His nose gets him into trouble a lot. I found the remains of 2 banana peels on the floor two days ago. He was smart enough to not eat the stems. There was absolutely no trace of any bananas and I found most of the peel but I do think he ate some. He loves his walks and he knows to sit when we come to an intersection or anytime we are crossing the street. He'll sit for a long time too - until I say "let's go" he'll just sit and look around. He really is a good dog. I wanted a lap dog and I definitely have one now. He is pretty good at staying too unless it is meal time. We are still working on improving those manners. He's a great dog and we are so happy we rescued him.