Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from my house to yours. We've had Moose for almost 3 months now. He is a really good dog (most of the time.) He learns easily and he walks nicely at a heel when I walk him alone. Trying to get him to walk at a heel when I have both he and Willow is hard.... I really prefer walking them separately but I hate leaving Willow home so she usually comes along too. Christmas morning and day will most likely be fun and hard for Moose. Given his love of food and anything in a box, he will be spending quite a bit of time baby gated in. We have no presents under our tree... they're all in my closet with the door closed otherwise Moose would have them all opened. We will give him presents to open tomorrow. I'll video it... I hope nothing gets broken b/c I am sure he will be over the top excited! Moose. Moose-a-fis. Moose Moose. We're still trying to think up a good nickname. Willow's are: Whittle, Widdle, Widdle Waddle.

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