Dog Walking and Robbers

I never thought when I got into this business and I'd write a blog about dog walking and robbers but I am. This was my afternoon starting around 1pm. I drove through the neighborhood next to mine after leaving one job and on my way to the next house. I drove by a house with 4 police cars parked around it. The house had a privacy fence and I immediately assumed someone tried to break in. The police helicopter was flying over too. I had just let two dogs out in the backyard of a house about 1/4 mile from this house. I went onto my next job which was several miles away all the while wondering if I should go home and just check on things. Everything was fine at my house thank God but there was a lot of excitement and drama in my neighborhood around 2:15pm when I got home. Several police cars were in my neighborhood.

Apparently the 2 suspects that had tried to break into the house around 1pm took off running and came into my neighborhood. We have a lot (criminals hear this: stay out of my neighbhorhood. We have A LOT) of people who work from home in my neighborhood. One of the men in my neighborhood saw a guy running through his next door neighbor's backyard. He texted that neighbor and asked if he had anyone doing work in his backyard. The response was no so they called the police.

I don't have all of the details of how both guys were caught but one was found in the crawl space of another neighbor's house. Apparently that is a common place for them to hide.

Everyone be safe and be diligent. Keep your eyes open for unusual activity around you - suspicious people, suspicious cars, etc. Because my neighbor was diligent, these two criminals have been caught.

I would prefer to never write another post entitled dog walking and robbers.